roasted gold coins (Nikolina parable)

It was a horse guy selling and boast:

- whom he likes obduyu, and Maven, and simple, and St., whom he likes!

And soon, he said,, and he was an old man to meet.

- Sell the horse something!

Looked at him, Kuzma, So, old man from Godea and talk something with - time to lose.

- Buy.

- And how many?

- One hundred rubles.

- What-you, Cross on you that there is no? your horse a horse was, to saezzhen, not worth tens.

— Ну, and piss, - ohrыznulsya Kuzma, - the price is not for you, not for you and the horse! - and went.

And the old man went, I said nothing, but stopped, that some thought and certainly catches.

- Give!

And he is silent.

- Give, though a, - asks the old man, not far behind.

And was about to lift up his Kuzma: bothered.

— Ну, okay, Oh yes mercy when, read what! - said the old man and dumped him on the palm of gold coins, and he got on his horse and farewell.

Kuzma in the eyes dizzy - gold coins!

And he wanted to hide them in your pocket, and in any way and can not palm pour: agreed to Palm, not come off. beat, beat, - and no otderesh, and burns.

The pain spun Kuzma and certainly barely got to the house.

And the house is not the place itself - tow gold coins. plagued all. I do repent, but nothing helps: tow gold coins, like coals roasted.

And quite exhausted and fell asleep.

And he dreamed a dream.

"Go, — говорит, - that way, of which went to sell a horse, met the old man, buy back a horse. No matter how much the old man asked, let '.

I woke Kuzma. A little light went out on the road, - to light him to raise his eyes hard, and burns.

And the old man something and goes.

He bowed to the old man.

- Sell, grandfather, horse that!

looking old man, do not recognize.

- horse is selling, grandfather, my! - barely utters a word unhappy.

- Ten rubles, - said the old man.

- Read hundreds.

- Why hundred? Ten, - and I went.

Kuzma standing on the road, at the time of the wolf howl.

The old man something, it is seen, I felt sorry for, and returned.

— Ну, Let's really a hundred.

glad Kuzma, and at the same moment otlipli gold coins, and rattled, roasted, on the cold stone. I leaned, He gathered in a handful of, lo and behold, and before him the old man something, as a pop in robes.

- Father, Nikola Ugodnik!

And the old man standing, and so looks: brovaty such, and quietly.

- Simple, rodnenkyy!

— Ну, bless you, so do not lie! - said the old man, and as there was no.

And gold coins have disappeared, Only one horse.

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