candle thieves (Nikolina parable)

There was once a man, and it had a hard time, so he conceived himself good fishing so unkind thing: that someone is bad - will not pass, pripryachet, and even bought some stuff, will be released on the merchant market and so to speak dexterously, so unscrew, you really confused and exorbitant knock will come true, - one word, thief.

And every time, his business fashioned, Nicholas candle neset.

He ponastavil candles, only the candles and be seen.

And a rumor went about Ipat, that his zeal the first man he is, and in the affairs of his assistant Nikola him. Yes, and I Ipat-to uverilsâ, that no one, how Nicolas.

And once he hapnul a neighbor, Yes Rather heels for bezopaski. And there, as a sin, missed, yes on the trail after him.

I ran Ipat, He fled, He ran for the village, It runs on the road -

is about to be overtaken, - and gets to meet him, the old man, as a beggar old man, pobiralyshtik.

- Where are you running, Ipatiya?

- Oh, grandfather, help out, do not let the abyss, shorony: nastignut, I live not happen!

- A lie, - says the old man, - it is in that groove.

Ipat - in a ditch, and there - a dead horse. He is a horse, in the belly, then her and buried.

Run on the road and people directly on the trail of thieves, and no one unaware, that wise dogadatʹsâ: groove, while not hurting deep, To dohlyatinu th Split, the mountain.

And ran.

Ipat and left.

And then the old man on the road costs.

- What, Ipatiya, good for you to hide a lie?

- Oh, grandfather, хорошо, - almost suffocated!

— Ну, here, see, suffocated! - said the old man, and became a strict, - and I, what do you think, from your candles sweeter? Let your svechi, hear, to me, as this carrion! - and I went so strict.

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