Iron Mirgorod


I have not read last year's article L. D. Trotsky about contemporary art, when he was abroad. She caught me only now, When I returned home. I read about himself and smiled sadly. I like the genius of this man, but you see?.. you see?..

However, He remarkably rights, speaking, I will not go back to those, what was the.

Yes, I did not return the. Much has been given to me, but many otnyato. outweighs the, that is given.

I traveled all the states of Europe and almost all the states of North America. My sight fractures especially after America. Before America Europe seemed to me the old manor. Therefore, a brief description of my wanderings begin with America.


If you take it from the point of view of the ocean, all the same and it is negligible, especially if, when water failures this whopper swinging his carcass, how poskolzayuschiysya… (Sorry, I have no way to compare, I wanted to say - like an elephant, but it beats the elephant about 10 thousand times. This whopper myself - image. Image without any scaling. That's when I felt a very clear, professed that me and my friends "imagism" dries up. felt, that's not the comparisons, and the organic.) But if you look at it from the point of view of, what man, you can shrug and say,: "Sweet, but what have you done? What do you think?.. But how is?..»

When I entered the ship's restaurant, which is an area of ​​a little more of our Bolshoi Theater, I was approached by my companion and said,, that I ask our cabin.

I walked through the huge halls of special libraries, I walked across the room to relax, where playing cards, I went through the dance hall, and five minutes later through a huge corridor companion led me to our cabin. I looked around the corridor, which we spread out our large luggage, about 20 suitcases, I examined the dining room, your room, two bathrooms and, kickback sky, I laughed out loud. I'm afraid to seem ridiculous and absurd the world, in which I have lived before.

I remembered the "smoke of the fatherland", our wood, where almost every man in the house is asleep heifers on straw or pig with piglets, I remembered after the German and Belgian road our impassable roads and began to curse all clinging to the "Russia" both dirt and lice. From that moment I fell out of love impoverished Russia.


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