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Welcome to the portal dedicated to Sergei Alexandrovich. This resource provides complete information on the work of the great Russian poet. Here you can read all the poems of Sergey Yesenin, poem, fiction, lyrics and other works.

You will also be able to read his biography, View photo, listen and record songs on his works.

The most popular verses Esenina:

All poems of Sergey Yesenin


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      1. Why is not there a poem:
        I'm so afraid to lose you,
        My love for you is crazy,
        Life without you- transferor mother
        And my head is unreasonable

  1. thank! Often I visit your site. As with computer, and mobile.. Information is always the case, and true!!!

  2. And I, in connection with the Palm Sunday has learned one more poem “A flock of clay dries…” This spring and … Easter.

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