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You do not love me, do not regret

You do not love me, do not regret,
Am I a little handsome?
Without looking in the face, you are thrilled with passion,
Putting your hands on my shoulders.

Young, with a sensual grin,
I'm not gentle with you and I'm not rude.
tell me, how many did you caress?
How many hands do you remember? How many lips?

I know - they passed, the shadows,
Without touching your fire,
To many you sat on your knees,
And now you sit here with me.

Let your eyes half closed
And you think of somebody else,
I don't really love you myself,
Drowning in the distant road.

Do not call this ardor fate,
Easy-thinking hot-tempered connection, –
How I happened to meet you,
Smile, quietly dispersed.

Yes, and you will go your own way
Diffuse bleak days,
Just don't touch the unkissed,
Only do not beckon the immature.

And when with another down the lane
You will pass, talking about love,
May be, I will go out for a walk,
And we will meet with you again.

Turning your shoulders to another closer
And leaning down a little,
You tell me quietly: "Good evening!»
I'll answer: "Good evening, miss».

And nothing will disturb the soul,
And nothing will make her shiver, –
Who loved, he can't love,
Who burned out, you can't set it on fire.

4 December 1925

Birch tree

White birch
Under my window
Prinakrylas snow,
Similarly, silver.

At fluffy branches
snowy border
blossomed brush
white fringe.

And it is worth birch
In the sleepy silence,
And burning snowflakes
The gold fire.

A fireworks, idly
bypassing around,
sprinkle branches
new silver.


you are my Shagane, Shagane!

you are my Shagane, Shagane!
because, I'm from the north, whether,
I'm ready to tell you the field,
About wavy rye under the moon.
you are my Shagane, Shagane.

because, I'm from the north, whether,
There's a huge moon a hundred times,
Whatever it was beautiful Shiraz,
He is no better Ryazan expanses.
because, I'm from the north, whether.

I'm ready to tell you the field,
This hair I took the rye,
If you want to, thumb vyazhi -
I did not feel pain.
I'm ready to tell you the field.

About wavy rye under the moon
According curls you my guess.
Expensive, mum, smile,
only memory do not wake me
About wavy rye under the moon.

you are my Shagane, Shagane!
There, in the north, girl too,
At you like she was scared,
Can, He thinks of me ...
you are my Shagane, Shagane.


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  1. Maria Markova

    I love this poet! Best

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  2. Zhenya

    He fucking + = + = +

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  3. Dasha_well

    The most favorite verse “Black man”. But others, too, at an altitude of. Esenina think the genius of the Silver Age.

    1. Semen

      Simply super

      1. AleksandrAleksandr

        Verse Esenina black man

  4. Vanya Pereverzev

    tired of your Yesenin aaaaaaashshshshshaaaaaa…….Ahhh

    1. hofers

      podterzhivayu forced to learn, zakolebalo

      1. mom St.

        He doesn't study, or Playstation and play, unlearned!

      2. Irina

        Stopping Poems Can Be Learned.

      3. Nastya

        You are ignorant

    2. Anatoly

      such a pity, the poor

    3. Bagir

      fool you

    4. Nastya

      Don't talk nonsense🤐
      Write yourself ✍️ great verse try

  5. Pavels

    Norm poems!

  6. Seryozha

    My favorite poem – black man. Before tingling chills.

  7. Masha

    Verses just like ulet.Mne

    1. Ggwp.respect

      Yes ulyot :^)

      1. Anonymous

        Sergey Yesenin just class I love him, if he was alive he would be famous all over the world

  8. I love Yesenin's poems,because obviously real, and so I love to sing them! Lazarus

    I like to sing on Yesenin's verses,because they are clearly real! Lazarus!

  9. Lazarus.

    My soul is unfolding, when I sing Yesenin’s poems;I really love his poems, they are clearly real.

  10. anonym

    class ?

  11. Ivanych

    Birch is a symbol of RUSSIA

  12. tanya

    class I love Yesenin's poems

  13. Alla

    I am no longer young