Nikolin umolot (Nikolina parable)

Ilyin anger, or so of God to be put opamyatovaniya people and reason, large there was a drought and burnt rye and oats.

who is richer, They carried water and watered, and those in the field is something else survived, and the poor have nothing - pure field.

Men sitting on Kulishki, about the trouble them chattering.

A walking with field-old man pilgrim. suspend.

- What are you, kind people, become sad?

- And saw, tea, on some fields that deetsya! Nowhere and help us to wait.

I looked at the old man, He nodded his head: withheld, it is seen.

- And let, detushki, I handful of rye! - said the old man.

And they do not know, why he rye? I do not whether planned to play a trick on them, the old man: people something every now and laugh at someone else's misfortune to find yourself the joy.

And others say:

- Bring the Rye, can, hex which will make.

and agreed. clicked children. Full basket brought.

The old man took a handful of rye.

- Spend, - He speaks, - have for every home, I ought to see.

Come on, led the old man.

And no one walked around the house is not an old man - and everywhere in Zagnetko have put bake Grains. And the night is gone. Enough to feed an old man, but it really does not exist anywhere.

And went to bed.

And I passed the night.

And when in the morning I woke up - and woke up with them bitter doom, - what miracles! - do not believe your eyes: rye ripened in all mouth and in every home, where the old man put seed, ear tube of peeps, and to the temple lamps burning before Nicole, and on the look, zalyubueshsya, - ear to earing.

God had mercy - freak bread. And was umolot, not remember: for every five hundred measures stuffed. Remembered the stranger-old man, Nicolas Merciful.

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Sergey Yesenin
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