Life is - cheating with charming melancholy…

Life is - cheating with charming melancholy,
Because so much she,
Something own way rough hand
Fatal writes letters.

I always, When I shut my eyes,
I say: "Only the heart to disturb,
Life is - cheating, but it sometimes
Adorns the joys lie.

Turned to Gray Skies,
On the moon wondering about the fate of,
Calm down, mortal, and does not require
truth that, that do not need you ".

Well in bird-cherry blizzard
think so, that this life - path
Let the light deceived girlfriend,
Let changed easily Friend.

Let me caress gentle word,
Let sharper razor evil tongue, –
I live for a long time at all ready,
To all ruthlessly used.

COLD my soul these heights,
No heat from Starfire.
they, whom I loved, otreklisya,
Whom I lived - I forgot about me.

But all are, Pressed and persecuted,
I, looking with a smile at dawn,
On the ground, my loved ones,
This life for all thank.

17 August 1925

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Sergey Yesenin
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