Flowers I say goodbye,
Heads nodding low.
You will not see close
native field, RECOGNIZES end.

favorite! well, well!
I saw you and I saw the earth,
And this deathly shiver
How to caress a new object.


spring evening. blue hour.
Well, how do you not love me,
How not to love me you, flowers?
I would drink with you "you".

Forests, gillyflower and mignonette.
For my soul has befallen trouble.
For my soul has befallen trouble.
Forests, gillyflower and mignonette.


Brother, bell! Is your zeal
My soul song called
And he told, that cornflowers
The eyes of loved ones far.

Do not sing! Do not sing to me! spare.
And so the fire burns in the breast.
She came, how to rhyme "again"
Nerazluchimaya love.


my flowers! Not everyone could
Discover, that my heart is chilled,
Not just this cold it
I could kindle their fire.

not everyone, who stretched out the hand,
Catch will be able to share the evil.
Like a butterfly - I'm on fire
And fiery flying kiss.


I do not like flowers from the bushes,
I do not call them with flowers.
Though touching them by the mouth,
But I can not find them gentle words.

I just love the flower,
Which is rooted back to the land.
I love him and accept,
As our northern cornflower.


And there are flowers on the mountain ash,
Flowers - berries predecessors,
They hail will fall to the ground,
Bagrets toppling from a height.

They do this, what on earth.
Flowers rowan another matter.
They are life, our body,
The dividend in the eternal gloom.


My love! forgive, simple.
Nothing I walked past.
But dearer to me on the way,
What for me is unique.

Unique you and me.
Pomeroy - for us, others will.
But it's still not as -
Oh, I'm not your, you're not mine.


Flowers, tell me goodbye,
Heads nodding low,
What is not seen more close
Her face, beloved land.

well! let them not see.
I am amazed at the other flowering
And because verbal singing
I will praise the earth's expanse.


And people did not flowers?
About cute, feel you,
This is not the desert words.
As the stem body is shaking,

And this did head
You do not have rose gold?
People of color, and in Sunny in styt
Able to crawl and walk.


I have seen, as flowers go,
And my heart has since become kinder,
when he learned, in this world
That case was in October.

Flowers are fighting with each other,
And the red color was all boychee.
Their longer fell under the blizzard,
Yet the power of the elastic
They immediately executioners.


October! October!
I'm awfully sorry
Those red flowers, that fell.
rose head cuts the steel,
But still I'm not afraid of steel.

Flowers walking the earth!
They immediately began cleaner,
Steel ships be allowed,
Steel making housing.


And that's why, I learned that,
That the world I do not Monash schema,
I gently puts into verse,
That everything repeatable.

And that's why, I sing,
I sing and not wasted,
I cute my head
I will give, like a rose gold.


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Sergey Yesenin
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