The air is clear and blue…

The air is clear and blue,
I go out in floral thicket.
traveler, in blue leaving,
You you reach the desert.
The air is clear and blue.

meadow will pass, as the garden,
Garden - in the flowering wild,
You can not keep a look,
So as not to cling to the studs.
meadow will pass, as the garden.

you whisper, il rustle rustle -
Tenderness, like Saadi songs.
An instant impact in his eyes
Month Yellow beauty
Tenderness, like Saadi songs.

Hear the voice of Perry,
Quiet, like a flute Hassan.
The strong arms of the mill
No worries, any loss,
Only flute Hassan.

There he is, destiny coveted
all, who are tired of the way.
wind fragrant
I drink dry mouth,
wind fragrant.


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Sergey Yesenin
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