Light evening saffron edge…

Light evening saffron edge,
Quiet Rose run through the fields.
Sing me a song, my dear,
the, sung Khayyam.
Quiet Rose run through the fields.

Moonlight Shiraz osiyanen,
Circling stars papilionaceous swarm.
I do not like, that the Persians
Keep women and virgins under the veil.
Moonlight Shiraz osiyanen.

Or they are from the heat frozen,
Closing bodily copper?
Or, so that more of them loved,
Unwilling to face tan,
Closing bodily copper?

Expensive, a veil is not friendly,
Memorize this commandment in brief,
After all, our life is so short,
Little happiness given to admire.
Memorize this commandment in brief.

Even all the ugly in rock
Overshadows its grace.
Because the cheeks and beautiful
The world is a sin to close,
Kohl gave them to Mother Nature.

Quiet Rose run through the fields.
Heart dream country other.
I sing you alone, expensive,
the, that had never sang Khayyam ...
Quiet Rose run through the fields.


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Sergey Yesenin
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