Hands cute - a pair of swans…

Hands cute - a pair of swans -
In my hair gold dive.
Everything in this world of people
Sing a song of love and repeat.

I sang and when far away
And now I sing about the same again,
Cause and breathes deeply
Tenderness impregnated floor.

If the soul vylyubit to the bottom,
Heart become golden cob,
Only Tehran moon
Do not warm songs warmth.

I dont know, how do I live my life:
Burn out whether weasel cute Steps
Or old age cherished grieve
On the last song courage?

Everything has its own gait:
What's nice ear, that - for the eyes.
If Persian resigns bad song,
Means, he shall never Shiraz.

About me well and the songs
Speak as among men:
He would sing sweeter and more wonderful,
Yes ruined pair of swans.

August 1925

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Sergey Yesenin
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