I've never been on the Bosphorus…

I've never been on the Bosphorus,
You do not ask me about it.
I saw in your eyes the sea,
Blazing blue fire.

I did not go to Baghdad with the caravan I,
Not I drove back and silk henna.
Bend your beautiful camp,
On my knees give me a break.

or again, no matter how much I ask,
For you do not care forever,
That in the name of the remote - Russia -
I have known, recognized poet.

I'm in the shower rings Talianki,
When you hear a dog barking moon.
Do not you want, persiyanka,
See the distant blue edge?

I come here not out of boredom -
You me, invisible, calling.
And I'm your swan arms
wrap, if two wings.

I've been looking at the fate of the rest,
And though the last life do not swear,
Tell me that something like that
About your country fun.

Stifle melancholy soul Talianki,
Napoi breath of fresh enchantments,
To me on the far Severyanka
Do not sigh, Did not think, was not bored.

And though I was not on the Bosphorus -
I'll come up about it.
Anyway - your eyes, how sea,
Swaying blue fire.


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Sergey Yesenin
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