Blue birthplace Firdausi…

Blue birthplace Firdausi,
You can not, Simple memory,
Forget the gentle Urus
And the eyes, thoughtfully simple,
Blue birthplace Firdausi.

good you, Persia, I know,
roses, as lights, burn
Again me of the distant region
Freshness elastic say.
good you, Persia, I knew.

Today I drink the last time
sweet, that Brewfest, Bragi.
And your voice, dear Step,
In this difficult hour of parting
I listen for the last time.

But you did, I will forget?
And in my wandering fate
Close and distant to me Luda
I will speak about you -
And you will not forget forever.

I'm not afraid of your misery,
But your just in case moody
I leave with a song about Russia:
singing, think of me,
And you, I respond in a song ...

March 1925

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Sergey Yesenin
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