To be a poet - it means the same…

To be a poet - it means the same,
If truth does not violate zhischni,
Scar himself on delicate skin,
The blood of strangers caress the senses of the soul.

To be a poet - it means to sing expanse,
That was known to you.
Nightingale sings - it does not hurt,
It is the same song.

Canary with voices of others -
pathetic, funny trinket.
The world needs Lyrics
Sing in my own way, even like a frog.

Mohammed outwitted the Koran,
Barring spirits,
Because the poet does not stop
Drinking wine, when there is torture.

And when the poet goes to the beloved,
A favorite with the other lies on a bed,
The benefit of life-giving stored,
He was her heart will not start the knife.

But, burn revnivoyu otvagoy,
It will be loud whistling home:
"Well, what, die itself brodyahoy,
On the ground, and it is familiar to us ".

August 1925

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Sergey Yesenin
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