You're my only weapon side, side!..

You're my only weapon side, side!
rain, autumn tin.
The black pool of chilled lantern
It reflects lipless head.

No, it's better I do not watch,
To suddenly see huzhego.
I at all this rusty MRET
I will screw up my eyes and narrowing.

So a little warmer and bezbolney.
Look: between the skeletons of houses,
like a miller, bears bell tower
Brass bells bags.

If you're hungry - you will be well fed.
Kohl unhappy - the cheerful and happy to.
Just do not look open,
My Earth's unknown brother.

As I thought - well done,
but alas! All one and the Well!
It is seen, too accustomed to the body
Feel the cold and shivering.

Well, yes what? After all, many other,
No one I live in the world!
A lamp that flashes, then burst out laughing
Lipless his head.

Only the heart under the old clothes
whispers, who visited the firmament:
"My friend, My friend, prozrevshie vezhdы
Closes only one death ".

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Sergey Yesenin
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