sing, sing. On the damn guitar

sing, sing. On the damn guitar
Fingers dance your in a semicircle.
would drown in this frenzy,
My last, the only friend.

Do not look at her wrist
And with the arms of her flowing silk.
I was looking at this woman happiness,
But I found perdition.

I did not know, love - infection,
I did not know, that love - the plague.
He came over and narrowed eyes
Bully brought to mind.

sing, my friend. Bringing me back
Our previous violent Ranh.
Let the kisses she Drugova,
Young beautiful stuff.

Oh wait. I did not scold.
Brother, billeting. I did not swear.
Give you about myself, I'll play
Under this string bass.

Pouring my days pink Dome.
At the heart of the golden dreams scrip.
A lot of girls I pereschupal,
Many women in the corners pressed.

Yes! there is the bitter truth of land,
Podsmotrel I rebyacheskym eye:
Lick in all males
Expires bitch juice.

So what am I jealous of her.
So what am I hurt this.
Our life - bed sheet yes.
Our life - a kiss but in the maelstrom.

sing, sing! The fateful span
These hands fatal trouble.
know only, send them ...
I will not die, my friend, never.


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Sergey Yesenin
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    The best, if asked to teach, I'll tell this xd