I have one fun left

I have one fun left:
Fingers in the mouth - and the cheerful whistle.
Swept notoriety,
What I pohabnik and kicker.

Brother! what a ridiculous loss!
Lot in life funny losses.
I am ashamed, I believed in God.
Kiss me, I do not believe Now.

gold, far given!
All burns worldly MRET.
And I rowed pohabnichal
For, to brighter light.

Gift of a poet - and fondle karyabat,
Fatal to seal it.
Rose white with a black toad
I wanted to marry in the land.

Let not cope, let him not come true
These thoughts pink days.
But if the devils in the shower nest -
Means, Angels live in it.

It is for this joy muti,
Going with her to the edge of a,
I want at the last minute
ask those, who will be with me, –

So for all of my sins serious,
For not believing in the grace
They put me in a Russian shirt
Under the icons to die.


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Sergey Yesenin
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