mysterious world, my ancient world…

mysterious world, my ancient world,
You, like the wind, fell silent and sat down.
Here I squeezed his neck village
Stone hands highway.

So frightened in the snow whitened
Thrashed ringing horror.
hello you, my black death,
I go out to meet you!

Town, city, you're in a brutal battle
He dubbed us as carrion and filth.
Curdling field in anguish ox-eyed,
Telegraph poles choking.

Wiry muscles in the neck of the devil,
And it is easy to iron causeway.
Well, yes what? After all, we are not the first time
And loose and disappear.

Let the heart-ductile tartly,
It is a song of animal rights!..
... So hunters poisoned wolf,
Clamping in a vice raids.

The beast fell down ... and of subsoil cloudy
Who then after the triggers are now ...
Suddenly jump ... and bipedal enemy
Torn to pieces tusks.

ABOUT, Hello to you, my favorite animal!
You are not a gift you are given a knife!
Like you - I, otvsyudu driven,
Amid iron enemies pass.

As you are - I'm always ready,
And though I hear victorious horn,
But otprobuet enemy blood
My last, mortal leap.

And even if I'm on the loose whitewashed
Fall and zaroyus in the snow ...
All the same song of vengeance for the death of
I will sing on the shore.


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Sergey Yesenin
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  1. Ançi

    Very interested in the lines “…Let the heart-ductile tartly, It is a song of animal rights…”. It seems to me, slightly crumpled, It may not have a written text author? Can be correctly: ” …ductile Colca This song right door…”? How do you know the original text, if he is, the Internet is not found, anyone can help with this question?