Rash, Talyanki, sonorously, rash, Talyanki, boldly…

Rash, Talyanki, sonorously, rash, Talyanki, boldly
recall, whether, youth, that, that flew?
No forest, aspen, no dust, road.
Let the song of rushing to the cute to the threshold.

Let her hear, let her cry.
She was a stranger youth does not mean anything.
Well, and if so - do not live tormented.
Where are you, my joy? Where are you, my participation?

Leisya, song, Forest, Leisya, zvyanshe song.
All the same, it will not be, that was before.
For bylup force, pride and posture
Only stayed a song Talianki.

8 September 1925

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Sergey Yesenin
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