poem “Son of a bitch” Yesenin

Again surfaced years of darkness
And noisy, like chamomile meadow.
I remembered the dog now,
That was one of my youth.

Today my youth otshumela,
How rotten beneath the windows of maple,
But I remembered the girl in white,
For which it was dog postman.

Not everyone has a close,
But she told me the song was,
Because my notes
From collar dog did not take.

Never she did not read,
And my handwriting was unfamiliar to her,
But about something long dreamed
In the yellow viburnum pond.

I suffered ... I wanted to answer ...
I do not wait ... left ... And now
Years later ... famous poet
here again, at birth-gate.

And dogs have long okolela,
But in the ointment w, that shimmer in blue,
From barking frantically livisto
I vstrel young her son.

Holy mother! And how similar!
Again came out the pain of the soul.
With this pain I like younger,
And though again write notes.

I am glad to hear the former song,
But you do not barking! no barking! no barking!
want, dog, I'll kiss you
For prompted by the heart in May?

kiss, press to your body
AND, as a friend, I will bring you into the house ...
Yes, I liked a girl in white,
But now I love blue.

31 July 1924

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Sergey Yesenin
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