Low house with blue shutters…

Low house with blue shutters,
Do not forget I'll never, –
were too such recent
Died away in the twilight years.

Until today, I also dream
our field, meadows and forest,
Prinakrytye little gray chintz
These poor northern skies.

I admire so I do not know
And the gap would not be off the beaten path,
But, maybe, ever have
Tenderness sad Russian soul.

I loved the gray crowned crane
With their skinny given in kurlykane,
Because in the open spaces of fields
They did not see hearty loaves.

Only saw birch yes Color,
Yes buckthorn, curve and bezlisty,
Yes robbery heard whistles,
From which it is easy to die.

As much as I wanted to dislike,
I still can not learn,
And by that of cheap chintz
You're nice to me, darling howl.

Because as well as recent days
I do not blowing, the young ...
Low house with blue shutters,
Do not forget I'll never.

26 May 1924

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Sergey Yesenin
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