ineffable, blue, gentle ...

ineffable, blue, gentle ...
Quiet my edge after storms, after groz,
And my soul - a vast field -
Breathe the smell of honey and roses.

I ceased. Years to do business,
but that, that passed, no swearing.
Like horses frenzied troika
He swept in the whole country.

sprayed around. Nakopytili.
And disappeared under the devil's whistle.
And now in a forest monastery
even heard, as a leaf falls.

bell whether? Distant echoes of whether?
All is calm bites chest.
Wait, soul, you and I have passed
Through the rugged path laid.

Let's understand all over, they saw,
What happened, what happened in the country,
I free, where we were bitterly offended
According to a stranger and our fault.

I accept, what was and was not,
Just a pity the thirtieth year -
Too little I have in my youth demanded,
Forgetting in the tavern the fumes.

But the young oak, not razzheludyas,
Just bend, in a field of grass ...
Oh you, youth, largest youth,
Gold daredevil!

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Sergey Yesenin
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