I'm tired so I was not…

I'm tired so I was not.
In this gray frost and mucus
I dreamed Ryazan sky
And my life is good for nothing.

Many women I have loved,
Yes, and I did not like one,
Not of this eh dark force
He taught me to blame.

Endless drunken night
And rampant nostalgia is not the first time!
Not whether I sharpens his eyes,
Like a blue leaf worm?

Do not hurt me draw treason,
And not happy easy wins, –
Hair those golden hay
It turns gray.

Turns to ash and water,
When tsedit autumn haze.
I do not feel sorry for you, past years, –
I do not want to return.

I'm tired of torturing yourself aimlessly,
With a smile and a strange face
I loved to wear lightweight body
Soft light and peace of the dead man ...

And even now it was not hard
Hobble from hangout to hangout,
As a straitjacket,
We take nature in concrete.

And in me, Now the same laws,
Umiryaetsya rabid fervor.
But yet I am I bow
For those fields, that when a loved.

In the end they, where I grew up under a maple tree,
Where he frolicked on a yellow grass, –
I send greetings to the wheel, and crows,
And howl in the night owl.

I shouted to them in the spring gave:
"Birds cute, in blue shivers
pass, I otskandalil, –
At least let the wind is now starting to
Under mikitki hitting rye ".


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Sergey Yesenin
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