I am dreaming. road black…

I am dreaming. road black.
White horse. stop persistent.
And that's on a horse
Rides nice to me.
rides, sweet rides,
only the unloved.

Mother, Russian birch!
The way the road is narrow.
this lovely, like a dream,
Only for that, in love with someone,
Hold thou branches,
How hands-aimed.

The moon is shining. Xin Saugnieu.
Good horse's hoof.
Light a mysterious,
As if for a single -
he, in which the same light
And where in the world there.

Hooligan I, bully.
From verses fool and drunk.
But all are for this zeal,
That the heart is not cool,
For birch Russ
With unloved reconciled.

July 1925

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Sergey Yesenin
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