Rash, harmonics. Boredom ... boredom ...

Rash, harmonics. Boredom ... boredom ...
Accordion fingers pours wave.
Drink with me, lousy bitch,
Drink with me.

Izlyubili you, izmızgali -
Why do you look so blue spray?
Or in the face he likes?

In the garden you have on a stuffed,
scare crow.
Before livers have tortured
From all sides.

Rash, harmonics. Rash, my part.
Pei, otter, Pei.
I would be better off the, sysyastuyu, –
she is stupid.

I am among women you are not the first ...
A lot of you,
But with such a, like you, with stervoю
Only for the first time.

The freer, the louder,
here, there.
I've dealt with them,
Go to hell.

For your dog's leash
It's time to catch a cold.
Expensive, I cry,
Free ... free ...


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Sergey Yesenin
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