Can, late, can, too early…

Can, late, can, too early,
And not think about anything for many years,
I began to look like the Don Juan,
Like a real windy poet.

What happened? What happened to me?
Every day I have the other tribes.
Every day to lose yourself pity,
Do not put up with the bitterness changes.

I've always wanted, to heart less
Vilos feelings gentle and simple,
Well, I am looking into the eyes of these women -
Legkodumnyh, false and empty?

Hold me, my contempt,
I have always been marked by you.
At the heart cold boiling
And the rustle of lilac blue.

At heart - lemon light of sunset,
And the same is heard through the fog, –
For freedom in the feelings of a paying,
Take the challenge, Don Juan!

AND, calmly taking the call,
I see, I are one and the Well -
Honor the blizzard of blue pollen May,
Call love sensual tremor.

It happened, I have done so co,
And from that, I have many tribes,
To relish the happiness forever,
Do not put up with the bitterness changes.

13 December 1925

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Sergey Yesenin
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