What a night! I cant…

What a night! I cant.
I can not sleep. This lunnost.
Even as the banks of
Inwardly lost adolescence.

Girlfriend ohladevshih years,
Do not call the game of love,
Better to let the moonlight
Me flowing to the head.

Let the distorted features
He describes safely, –
After all, you can not stop loving you,
How to love you failed.

Only love can only once.
That's because you're a stranger to me,
What linden vain beckon us,
At the foot drifts sinking.

After all, I know and you know,
What's in the lunar glow, blue
In these limes not flowers -
In these limes snow so frost.

What we've been otlyubili,
You do not have, I - other,
And both of us still
Play love inexpensive.

But all caress and hug
In a sly kiss passion,
Let the heart of the eternal dream of May
And that, I love forever.

30 November 1925

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Sergey Yesenin
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