Sleep - Lermontov

I had a dream: cool gasnul day,
From the house went to bed long shadow,
Moon, He went up against a blue sky,
He played in glasses rainbow fire;
Everything was quiet, the moon and the night,
And wind could not overcome dormancy.
And on the big front porch between two columns
I saw the maiden; the last sleep
people, the sky designed, she is
Sitting here captivating, грустна;
Хоть, may be, feigned sadness
Glistened in the gaze, but just eh.
Her hand was so timid,
And her breasts so mladaya heat;
At her feet (child, may be)
Sat ... Oh! Sooner he began to love,
In the flower of one's age, with affectionate soul,
Why are you here, young sufferer?
And he sat, i fear hand, unfortunately,,
And the eyes of her movements accompanied.
And he did not read in them a covenant of fate,
torment, worries many years,
heart disease, streams of bitter tears,
All, that left, всё, that moved;
And he valued the views of those eyes,
The cause of the death of his ...

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