Girlfriend - Tsvetaeva


Yes? - Do not say! Hardly!
And the best - let!
You are too many, crease, kissing,
Hence the sadness.

All the heroines of Shakespeare's tragedies
I see you.
You, tragic young lady,
No one is saved!

You are so tired to repeat the love
Cast iron rim on the arm bloodless -

I love you. - As a thundercloud
Over you - a sin -
for this, you are caustic and burning
And best of all,

for this, what we, that our lives - Miscellaneous
In the darkness of roads,
For your inspired temptations
And dark rock,

for this, that you, my demon krutoloby,
Let's just say,
for this, that you - at least over the coffin Break! —
I do not save!

For this trembling, for that - that - really
I have a dream? —
For this ironic charm,
What do you - not him.

16 October 1914


Under the caress plush plaid
Yesterday induces sleep.
What was it? - Whose victory? —
who defeated?

All Rethinking again,
I am torturing myself everything again.
In, Why I do not know the words,
Did love?

Who was the hunter? - Who - exploitation?
All devilishly versa!
he understood, long purring,
Siberian cat?

In this self
Who, in whose hand was the only ball?
Whose heart - yours or, mine
It flew at a gallop?

And yet - well it was?
What is so anxious and sorry?
So I do not know: l won?
l defeated?

23 October 1914


Today, melted, Today
I stood at the window.
sobering sight, chest,
Opyat relaxed.

I do not know, why. must be,
Simply tired soul,
And somehow it did not want to touch
rebellious pencil.

So I stood - in the mist -
Distant good and evil,
Gently with your finger drumming
Little by jangling glass.

Soul is not better or worse,
The first counter - this here, —
The pearl puddle,
Where splashed sky,

What the flying bird
And just a running dog,
And even a poor singer
I was not brought to tears.

Sweet oblivion art
Soul already internalized.
For a great feeling
Today melted in the shower.

24 October 1914


You were too lazy to get dressed,
And I was too lazy to get up from the chair.
- And your every coming day
My joy would be hilarious.

Particularly bother you
Go so late in the night and the cold.
- And every hour of your coming
My joy would be young.

You did it without evil,
Innocent and irreparable.
- I was your youth,
That passes.

25 October 1914


Today, time in eight,
Headlong on Bolshaya Lubyanka,
bullet, snowballing,
Somewhere raced sled.

Already prozvenevshy laughter ...
I froze glance:
Hair reddish fur,
And some high - close!

You were already on the other,
On her way to open sleigh,
With the coveted and expensive, —
Stronger, than I am - I wish.

— Oh, I can no more, j’etouffe* —
You cried out in a loud voice,
Razmashisto zapahnuv
Her fur cavity.

World - gay and evening lih!
Of the clutch fly purchase ...
So you raced in a blizzard,
Eyes to eyes and coat to the coat.

And there was a severe riot,
And the snow crumbled white.
I'm about two seconds -
No more - after gazing.

And stroked long pile
On his coat - without anger.
Your little Kai frozen,
About Snow Queen.

26 October 1914
*ABOUT, I can not do it anymore, I choke! (fr.).


Night over coffee grounds
crying, Looking east.
Mouth innocent and dismissed,
How monstrous flower.

Soon month - young and thin -
Replace the scarlet dawn.
How I'll comb
And the exchange of rings!

Junior month between branches
Nobody ustereg.
How many gifts brasletok,
And chains, E negative!

From under the heavy mane
Shine bright pupils!
Your companions are jealous? —
Blood horses are easy!

6 December 1914


What fun shone snowflakes
Your - Gray, my - sable,
As for the Christmas market we
We are looking brighter all the tapes.

How pink and savory
I stuffed waffles - six!
Like all red horses
I used to be touched in your honor.

As the red jerkin - Sailing,
Bozhas, We sold the rags,
How wonderful to Moscow ladies
Divilos stupid Indian.

How h, When the people at odds,
We reluctantly went to the Cathedral,
As to the old Virgin
You have paused the eye.

As the face with the eyes of gloomy
Was goodness and exhausted
Kyoto round cupids
Elisavetinskih a temporary.

As my left hand you,
said: "ABOUT, I want it!»
With what solicitude inserted
The candleholder - yellow candle ...

- ABOUT, secular, with ring opal
Arm! - ABOUT, my whole attack! —
As I promised you an icon
Tonight the steal!

As to the monastery hotel
- The hum of bells and sunset -
blissful, how imyaninnitsy,
we struck up, like a regiment of soldiers.

As I have - prettier to old age -
I swore - and wake up salt,
As three times to me - You were furious! —
Exit the King of Hearts.

As my head squeezed you,
Caressing each curl,
As your broshechki enamel
I was cold on the lips flower.

As I on your narrow Palchikov
He drove sonnoyu cheek,
How do you tease me boy,
How I loved you so ...

December 1914


Available neck raised,
As a young shoot.
Who can tell the name, who - summer,
Who - the edge of her, who - Century?

Gyrus pale lips
Capricious and weak,
But dazzling ledge
Beethoven's forehead.

Before touching clean
Istayavshy oval.
Arm, which would go to the whip,
And - in silver - Opal.

Arm, worthy bow,
Pushed in silk,
unique hand,
beautiful hand.

10 January 1915


You pass on his way,
And your hand I do not touch.
But in me longing - too eternal,
That was you me - the first counter.

Heart immediately said: "Pretty!»
All of you - at random - I just,
Nothing znav, - even the name! —
ABOUT, love me, about, love me!

I see his lips - gyrus,
According to the arrogance of their enhanced,
Heavy brow ridges:
It takes heart - attack!

Dress - black silk armor,
Voice with a slightly hoarse gypsy,
Everything about you like me to a pain, —
even the, you is not beautiful!

beauty, not uvyanesh za summer!
Not flower - steel stalk you,
meaner evil, Island Island
Taken away - with some of the island?

a fan chudish, il cane, —
In every vein and every bone,
The shape of each finger of the evil, —
tenderness women, the boy's insolence.

All smile verse fending,
Open to you and to the world, I
All, that we have in store for you,
Stranger with Beethoven's brow!

14 January 1915


Can not remember, I
The smell of White-Rose * and tea,
And Sevres figurines
Above pyshaschim fireside ...

We were: I - in the lush dress
From the little golden faille,
You - a knitted black jacket
With the winged collar.

I remember, with what you have entered
Face - without any paint,
getting up, biting finger,
Slightly tilt your head.

And your forehead overbearing,
Under the weight of a red helmet,
Not a woman and not a boy, —
But something stronger than me!

movement unreasonable
I got up, surrounded us.
And someone jokingly:
"Meet the, gentlemen ".

And the long arm movement
You have invested in my hand,
And gently in the palm of my hand
I hesitated a splinter of ice.

With some, looking down obliquely,
Already looking forward to the hassle, —
I reclined in the chair,
Twisting the arm ring.

You took out a cigarette,
And I brought you to a match,
Without knowing, what to do, if a
You look me in the face.

I remember - over a blue vase -
As we clinked our glasses.
"ABOUT, Be my Orestes!»,
And I gave you a flower.

With gray-eyed ZARNITSA
Suede black bag
You took a long gesture
And dropped - scarf.

28 January 1915
*roses (fashionable while spirits).


All eyes in the sun - Searing,
Day is the day.
I'm telling you in case,
If you change:

Whose would neither kissed lips
I love h,
Midnight Black to anyone
Scary nor swore, —

Live, the mother tells the child,
Like a flower bloom,
Never in someone aside
The eye is not the story ...

See cross cypress?
- He'll know -
All wake up - just whistle
Under my window.

22 February 1915


Blue Hills near Moscow,
The air was a little warm - dust and tar.
I sleep all day, I laugh all day, - must
I am recovering from winter.

I'm going home may quietly:
Unwritten poems - not sorry!
The sound of wheels and roasted almonds
Dearer to me than all the quatrains.

Head up to the delights of empty,
Because the heart is - too full!
my days, like little waves,
Which I look from the bridge.

Someone looks too gentle
The gentle air barely heated ...
I was sick in the summer,
Barely having recovered from winter.

13 Martha 1915


Repeat on the eve of separation,
At the end of love,
I loved these hands
power your

And his eyes - someone - someone
Look not give! —
requiring report
For a casual look.

All of you with your accursed
Passion - God sees! —
requiring reckoning
For random breath.

And I say wearily,
- Listen do not rush! —
That your soul got me
across the soul.

And I'll tell you:
- anyway - Eve! —
This mouth to kiss
Thy was a child.

Look - up look - bold and bright,
Heart - five years ...
Happy, someone you have not met
On his way.

28 April 1915


have names, as stuffy flowers,
And look there, like dancing flames ...
There is a dark winding mouths
With deep and wet angles.

there are women. - Their hair, as a helmet,
Their fan smells fatal and finely.
They thirty years. - Why do you, what for
My soul Spartan child?

Ascension, 1915


I want the mirror, where the dregs
And the dream Tumanyan,
I elicit - where you the way
And where shelter.

I see: ship mast,
And you - on the deck ...
You - in the smoke of the train ... Fields
In the evening the complaint -

Field in the evening dew,
Above them - voronы ...
- I Bless you all
four sides!

3 May 1915


The first loved you
Beauty championship,
Curls with a touch of henna,
Plaintive cry zurna,

Ringing - a horse - flint,
Slim jump horse,
And - in the semi-precious beans -
Two exemplary chelnochka.

And the second - the other -
Thin eyebrows arch,
silk carpets
pink Bukhara,
Rings across the arm,
Birthmark on his cheek,
Eternal tan through Blondeau
And the midnight London.

The third was you
Something else sweet ...

- What's left of me
In your heart, wanderer?

14 July 1915


Vspomyanite: all heads dearer
One hair on my head.
And go myself ... - You too,
And you too, and you.

stop loving me, all stop loving!
Beware not to me in the morning!
So could I safely exit
To stand in the wind.

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