Oka - Tsvetaeva


Magic German extravaganza,
dark waltz, German and simple ...
A meadow abandoned Russian
Bloom blindness.

cute meadow, We loved you so,
With a golden path at Oka ...
Between the trunks of cars scurry, —
Golden cockchafers.


Brother, golden days!
Where hidden corners,
Where are you, flood meadows
blue Oka?

Old linden tree in bloom,
The adult world contempt
And brazier jam
The old garden.

To God are clouds;
Tape hills skirting,
Quiet and blue
Eye splashes.

Childhood Give us, faithful
All colorful beads, —
small, peace Tarusa
Summer days.


All have something that God - heart! To God
neither love, any gifts, nor praise ...
Brother, golden road!
On each side of the young guns!

What do I thrill Archangel Wings?
My lost paradise in a corner,
Where a string of floating
Golden rafts along the Oka.

Let unripe gooseberries, unsweetened, —
Endlessly peel under a bush!
Large letters in a notebook,
Kissing no account later.

Any prayer, any song, no hymn
I can not find oblivion!
Early childhood give me
And birch trees on a quiet meadow.


Running path with tubercle,
How would a child's feet,
All the same sleepy meadows
Lazily moves Oka;

Bells ring in the shade,
Hurry to blow by blow,
And all sing about the good, old,
On the children's time, they.

ABOUT, days, where the morning was paradise
And noon paradise and all the sunsets!
Where were the swords spades
And the royal castle barn.

where did the, in which the distance you?
That lie between us?
All the same sleepy, hard
Sway in the flowerbeds mallow ...


The bright dress, It has long-familiar,
I smiled at myself from the darkness.
Old garden roars of an old house ...
Why do not we have a little?

Blackened rain tub,
Monogram on ribbed cortex,
Overgrown croquet playground,
Overgrown paths in the yard ...

Do not kiss! I tell you, as a friend:
Kissing is not necessary to have the Oka!
Why is mown meadow
Do not rush to race?

two of us, but, sweet, not easy for me, —
Irrevocable calling me!
Oka for knocking in a quarry,
Oka past swims ...

dinner those, - do not kiss!
Already on beds zadremal gillyflower ...
Only beds motley I love
And the quarry above the Oka.

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