Insomnia - Tsvetaeva


I looked around the eye ring
Shadow - insomnia.
I braided my insomnia eye
shadow crown.

To-already! in nocham
Do not pray - idols!
I betrayed your secret,

Not - you - day,

A couple of my rings
bears, blednolikaya!
Cried - and incurred
shadow crown.

Malo - me - calling?
Malo - with me - asleep?

you lie, light face.
people worship.
Since you CTEC
I, insomnia:

- Sleep, relieved,
sleeps, awarded,
sleeps, surmounted,

To - sleep - easier,
Because - you - Singers:

- Sleep, behold

sleeps, pearl,
sleeps, sleepless.

And who either wrote letters,
And to whom you swore we no ...
Sleep itself.

That separated
That issued from the hands of
your ruchenki.
Here you are otmuchilas,
Sweetheart Martyr.

Sleep - holidays,
Everybody sleeps.
Corona - filmed.

8 April 1916


hands of love
Kiss, and I love
names distribute,
And yet - to disclose
- wide - in the dark night!

gripping head,
listen, as a grave step
Somewhere facilitates,
As the wind shakes
Sleepy, sleepless

Brother, night!
Somewhere run keys,
When sleep - stay away.
sleep almost.
Somewhere in the Night
man drowns.

27 May 1916


In the great city my - night.
From sleepy go home - away.
And people think: woman, daughter, —
And I remember one: night.

July wind sweeps me - the way,
And somewhere in the music box - a little.
Brother, now the wind before dawn - blow
Through the thin walls of the chest - the chest.

There is a black poplar, and in the window - light,
And calls on the tower, and in his hand - the color,
And this one step - no one - after,
And this shadow here, I am not here, I am out.

Lights - like strands of gold beads,
Night leaf in the mouth - the taste.
Free from the daily ties,
Friends, get, I you - snyus.

17 July 1916


After overnight restless body weakens,
Sweet and becomes not their, - no one's.
The slow veins still zanyvayut boom -
And people smile, Serafim.

After a sleepless night slack hand
And profoundly indifferent and foe and friend.
A whole rainbow - each random sounds,
And in the cold suddenly smells Florence.

Gently brighten the lips, and shadow gildin
Near the sunken eyes. This is the night lit
This bright face, - and from the dark night
Only one dark at us - eyes.

19 July 1916


Today I am a guest in heaven
In your country.
I saw forests insomnia
And the dream of fields.

Somewhere in the night a horseshoe
blew up grass.
He sighed heavily cow
In a sleepy barn.

I will tell you sadly,
With all the tenderness,
On goose-keepers
And sleeping geese.

Hands were drowned in pesey wool,
Dog was - sed.
Then, to six,
dawn began.

20 July 1916


Tonight I'm alone in the night -
sleepless, bezdomnaya mulberry! —
Tonight I have the keys
From all the gates of the capital only!

Insomnia pushed me in the way.
- ABOUT, how are you beautiful, my dull Kremlin! —
Tonight I kiss the chest
All round the earth at war!

Not rise up the hair - and fur,
And the sultry wind blowing directly into the soul.
Today, I regret all night, —
Who spared and who kiss.

1 August 1916


Gently gently, thin-thin
Something whistled through the pines.
black-eyed baby
I saw in a dream.

So in red pine
Caplets hot resin.
So in the night? my beautiful
Heart goes Po Saw.

8 August 1916


black, as the apple, as the apple, sucking
The light - I love you, Zorkaya night.

Give me a voice to sing you, on the first mother
song, in Whose hand bridle four winds.

you cry, thank thee, I just
Sink, which has not stopped the ocean.

Night! I've already seen enough in the human pupils!
incinerate me, black sun - the night!

9 August 1916


Who sleeps at night? No one sleeps!
The baby in the cradle of his screams,
An old man sitting on his death,
Who are young - with miloyu says,
Her lips breathing, the eye looks.

Fall asleep - wake up here again if?
succeed, succeed, We have time to sleep!

A vigilant guard from house to house
Goes with pink lantern,
And the roar of the fractional pad
Roars fanatical beater:

Do not sleep! Be of good courage! I say good!
And then - the eternal dream! and then - an eternal home!

12 December 1916


Here again the window,
Where not sleep again.
Can - drink wine,
Maybe - so sit.
Or simply - hands
Not two raznimut.
In every house, friend,
There is a window.

Creek partings and meetings -
You, a window at night!
Maybe - hundreds of candles,
Maybe - three candles ...
No, no mind
I think - calm.
And in my house
is wound up.

pray, boyfriend, for the sleepless house,
The window with fire!

23 December 1916


Insomnia! My friend!
Again your hand
With outstretched cup
I meet in silently -
the ringing of the night.

- shall deceive!
kiss the cup!
Not in the heights,
And in the depths -
I am ...
lips pryholub!
Golubka! Friend!
kiss the cup!
From all passions -
From all the news -
- Friend! —
Dvina mouth!
All bliss mouth
Carved edge of the cup
take -
weight management:
- Do not be! —
About one! Do not blame!
Of all the passions -
passionate, of all deaths -
Gentle ... Of the two handfuls
My - shall deceive! - ispey!

Mir bez went missing. In Nowhere -
Flooded shore ...
- Drink, swallow my! At the bottom
Melted pearls ...

You drink the sea,
Do you drink Dawns.
What lover of carousing
With my
- Child -

And if they ask (I teach!),
what, they say, shtechki not fresh, —
With a bunch of Insomnia, tell,
Insomnia bunch ...

May 1921

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