Leningrad children – Korney Chukovsky

Verse for adults

Will rush over you
Years after years,
And you will become old people.

Now you are blond,
Will you be bald?
And gray.

And even at little Tatka
Someday there will be grandchildren,
And Tatka will wear big glasses
And she will knit gloves for her grandchildren,

And even two-year-old Petya
Will someday be seventy years old,
And all the kids, all children in the world
Will call him: grandfather.

And up to the waist will be then
His gray beard.

So here, when will you become old
With glasses so big,
And to knead your old bones,
Will you go somewhere to visit, –
(Well, let's say, take granddaughter Nikolka
And lead you to the tree),
Or then, - at two thousand twenty
fourth year; –
You will sit on a bench in the Summer Garden.
Or not in the Summer Garden, and in some
small garden
In New Zealand or America,
- Everywhere, wherever you go, everywhere,
everywhere, equally,
Residents of Prague, The Hague, Paris, Chicago
and Krakow -
You will be silently pointed out
And quiet, respectfully say:
“He was in Leningrad ... during
siege ...
In those years ... you know ... in the years
... blockades "

And take off their hats before you.

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