not important, that has been around, and it does not matter - Brodsky

not important, that has been around, not important,
as there is a blizzard howled drawl,
that they were close to the shepherd's apartment,
there is no other place for them was not in the world.

First of all, they were together. second,
and most importantly, that there were three,
and all, what happened, cooked, darylos
now, least, three delilosʹ.

Moroznoe sky over IPCh Roll
habit with large lean over a small
shining star - and nowhere to go
she was now on the look baby.

a fire blazed, but it ended up log;
We were all asleep. Star from each other
stronger, than glow, It seemed odd,
ability to mix with a proximal distal.

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Sergey Yesenin
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