Snowing - B. Parsnip

Snow goes, snow goes.
To the white stars in the snowstorm
Stretch the geranium flowers
For sash.
Snow goes, and everything in disarray,
All started up in flight,
Black ladder,
intersection turn.
Snow goes, snow goes,
Like not falling flakes,
A patched cloak
It goes down the sky.
As if facing a crank,
From the top of the landing,
furtively, playing hide and seek,
Coming off the sky from the attic.
Because life is not waiting.
Not ohlyaneshsya and yuletide.
Only a short period of,
look, there and the new year.
Snow goes, thick-thick.
Keeping up with him, feet of those,
At the same pace, laziness of the
Or at the same speed,
May be, time passes?
May be, year after year
follow, like it's snowing,
Or the words of the poem?

Snow goes, snow goes,
Snow goes, and everything in disarray:
surprised Plants,
intersection turn.

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