Christmas Star - B. Parsnip

It was winter.
The wind blew from the steppe.
And it was cold the baby in the manger
On the hillside.

His breath warmed ox.
domestic animals
We stood in the cave.
Above the manger warm haze floated.

Doha shaking off of a bed rot
And zornyshek millet,
Viewed from the cliff
Asleep at midnight shepherds Dal.

In the distance was a field in the snow and graveyard,
fences, headstones,
Thill in a snowdrift,
The sky over the cemetery, full of stars.

And next, unknown before,
shy bowls
In the small window gatehouse
The twinkling stars on the way to Bethlehem.

she flaming, as the stack, aside
From heaven, and God,
As a reflection of arson,
As the farm is on fire and the fire on the threshing floor.

She stood a burning haystack
Straw and hay
Amid the whole universe,
Alarmed etoyu new star.

Growing glow glowed over it
And then something,
And three astrologer
We hurry to call the all-time lights.

They were transported by camel gifts.
And donkeys in harness, a dwarfish
another, little steps down from the mountain.

And the strange vision of the future pores
Rising far all came after.
All thoughts of centuries, all dreams, all the worlds.
All future galleries and museums,
All the pranks of the fairies, still works charodeev,
All the trees in the world, all the dreams of kids.
All the thrill of candles zateplennyh, all circuits,
All the splendor of colored tinsel ...
... Everything fiercely and a fierce wind blew from the steppe..
All apples ..., all the golden balls.

Part of the secret of the pond alder top,
But part of it was visible from here is excellent
Through the nests of rooks and the tops of trees.
Like walking along the dam donkeys and camels,
We could well see the shepherds.
- Come with all, worship miracle,—
they said, zapahnuv housings.

By shuffling through the snow became hot.
On a bright glade sheets of mica
They were bare traces of the hut.
On these tracks, as flame candle,
Shepherd grumbled in the light of the stars.

Frosty night was like a fairy tale,
And someone with navyuzhennoy snowy ridge
All invisibly included in their ranks.
Dogs wandered, looking around warily,
And they clung to the undershepherds, and waiting for trouble.

On the same road, through the same area
Were several angels in the midst of the crowd.
I made them invisible immateriality,
But step left foot print.

At the stone people crowded crowd.
bright. Meaning cedar trunks.
- And who are you? - asked Maria.
- We are a tribe of dogs and sky ambassadors,
Came elevate you both praise.
- Everybody can not be together. Wait at the entrance.

amid gray, like ashes, predawn darkness
Stamped drovers and sheep farmers,
Quarreled with riders, pedestrians,
In a slotted watering deck
roared camels, lyahalys oslы.

bright. Dawn, as a speck of ash,
Recent swept the stars from the firmament.
And only the Magi from the myriad rabble
Let Maria in the hole of rock.

He slept, all shining, in a manger made of oak,
As the month in-depth hollow beam.
He replaced sheepskin coat
Donkey lips and nostrils of the ox.

They stood in the shade, entered in the gloom barn,
whispering, Choosing his words barely.
Suddenly someone in the dark, slightly to the left
From the stall, a hand pushed the sorcerer,
And he looked: from the doorway to the Virgin,
As guest, watched Christmas star.

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Sergey Yesenin
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