Being famous ugly - B. Parsnip

Being famous ugly.
Is not it lifts up.
No need to start archive,
On manuscripts shake.
The purpose of creativity dedication,
And not hype, fail.
Shamefully means nothing,
Be the talk on everyone's lips.
But you have to live without imposture,
to live, that would eventually
To attract the love of space,
Hear the call of the future.
And we must leave gaps
The fate, and not among the papers,
Places and head of a lifetime
Otcherkivaya the fields.
And plunge into the unknown,
And hide in her his steps,
Like hiding in the fog area,
When it does not see any DIG.
Others are fresh tracks
Your path will follow step by step,
But the defeat from victory
You yourself should not distinguish.
And I have not a single slice
Do not back away from the face,
But to be alive, alive and only,
Alive and just before the end.

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Sergey Yesenin
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