Winter morning – Pushkin

Frost and sun; a wonderful day!
Yet you doze, one lovely
It's time, beauty, wake up:
Open your eyes are closed bliss
Towards the North Aurora,
Northstar yavis!

evenings, Do you remember, blizzard angry,
In dim haze sky nosilasʹ;
Moon, as a pale blur,
Through the gloomy clouds turned yellow,
And you're sad sitting -
And now ... Look out the window:

Under blue skies
magnificent carpets,
Shining in the sun, snow is;
Transparent forest one is black,
And through the frost fir greens,
The river glistens under the ice.

The whole room amber luster
irradiant. cheerful crash
Cracking furnace flooded.
It's nice to think in couches.
but you know: Do not enjoin in sled
Filly brown zaprech?

Gliding on the morning snow,
dear friend, betray the run
impatient horse
And visit the field empty,
The woods, recently so thick,
And Beach, dear to me.

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