Song of Wise Oleg – Pushkin

As it is now sbiraetsya prophetic Oleg
Avenge unreasonable hozaram,
Their Selonians and fields for violent raid
He condemned swords and fire;
With his retinue, in Constantinople armor,
Prince on the field on the right horse rides.

From dark forests to meet him
Is inspired magician,
Perun obedient old one,
Testaments coming Gazette,
The pleas and divination has spent all his life.
And the wise old man approached Oleg.

“Tell me, wizard, beloved of the gods,
Which shall come with me life?
And soon, eh, to the delight of neighbors-enemies,
Mohylnoy zasыplyus land?
Open to me the whole truth, do not be scared of me:
As a reward you take any horse”.

“The Magi are not afraid of mighty rulers,
A princely gift they do not need:
Truth and freedom of their prophetic language
And with the will of heaven friendly.
The coming years are hidden in the mist;
But I see your lot at the light brow.

Remember also present you my word:
Voitel glory - otrada;
Victory glorified your name;
Thy shield, and on the gates of Constantinople:
And the waves and the land you are obedient;
Jealous foe so wondrous destiny.

And the blue sea deceptive shaft
In the hours of the fatal weather,
They sent, and arrow, and that wicked dagger
Spared years winner ...
You did not know the terrible wounds under armor;
Invisible guardian is able dan.

Your horse is not afraid of dangerous works:
is he, Sensing will hospodskuyu,
That meek standing under enemy arrows,
Then rushes on field Bran.
And cold and slashing him anything ...
But you accept the death of his horse”.

Oleg grinned - but forehead
And eyes clouded by Duma.
In the silence, hand resting on the saddle,
On the horse he climbs down, sullen;
And a loyal friend farewell hand
And strokes and pats on the neck steep.

“goodbye, my comrade, my faithful servant,
It's time to leave us;
Now the rest! I do not set foot
In yours pozlashtennoe try.
goodbye, rejoice - so remember me.
You, serf-other, take a horse,

blanket cover, shaggy carpet,
In my meadow under usttsy take away;
bathe: selective feed grain:
Key water poite”.
And the young men immediately moved to the horse,
A prince brought another horse.

Pyruet with wife Oleg veschyy
In the cheerful ringing stakana.
And their white curls, as the morning snow
Above the head of the glorious mound ...
They commemorate the past few days
And the battle, where they were cut together ...

“Where is my friend? - remarked Oleg: —
Tell, where my horse zealous?
healthy is? all as easy eh his career?
All the same is my only weapon he stormy, playful?”
And listens to the answer: on a steep hill
Long since rested wakeless he sleep.

Mighty Oleg hung his head
And thinking: “What is divination?
wizard, you deceitful, crazy old man!
would despise your predictions!
My horse and to this day I would wear”.
And he wants to see the bones of a horse.

Here goes a mighty Oleg from the yard,
With him, Igor and old guests,
And see - on the hill, the Bank Dnepra,
Noble lie the bones;
They wash rains, sleep their dust,
And the wind care over them feather.

Prince quietly skull horse came
and rumors: “sleeps, one lonely!
Your old master suffered thee:
of tris, It is not far,
Do not you under the ax feather stained with
And hot blood of my ashes Napo!

So that's where my death was concealed!
I was threatened with death bone!”
From a dead snake head deathly
Hissing between crept;
As a black ribbon, He wrapped round the legs,
And he cried suddenly stung the prince.

buckets pie, zapenyas, şipjat
At the funeral feast deplorable Oleg;
Prince Igor and Olga sit on the hill;
Wife pyruet in Brega:
Fighters commemorated last days
And the battle, where they were cut together.

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