Ancar – Pushkin

In the desert, stunted and stingy,
on the basis of, scorching heat,
Ancar, how terrible hour,
It stands - one in the entire universe.

Nature thirsty steppes
His anger gave birth to the day,
And the green dead branches
And the roots of poison drunk.

Poison dripping through its bark,
By noon on the Melt znoyu,
And solidifying vvecheru
Thick transparent resin.

To him and the bird does not fly
And Tiger does not suit - a black whirlwind
On the tree of death nabezhit
And rushes off already noxious.

And if the cloud irrigate,
wandering, its dense sheet,
With its branches too toxic
Dripping rain in the sand combustible.

But the human person
He sent to Ancharov imperious glance,
And he obediently ran down the road
And in the morning came back with venom.

He brought death resin
Yes branch with dead leaves,
And the sweat on his pale brow
Rippling streams Chladni;

Brought - and weak and lay down
Under the dome hut on Lucky,
He died a poor slave at her feet
invincible lord.

A Prince the poison imbued
His obedient boom,
And they sent death
To neighbors in the alien limits.

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