dog Kachalova

Give, Jim, for good luck paw me,
This leg have I seen srodu.
Let's go floor in the moonlight
the quiet, quiet weather.
Give, Jim, for good luck paw me.

You are welcome, sweetheart, not lizhis.
Do not get me though the most simple.
After all, you do not know, what is life,
You do not know, that life on earth worth.

your master and sweet and famous,
And he is guest in the house a lot,
And every, smiling, strives to
You on the wool velvet touch.

You're devilishly handsome dog,
With such a cute doverchyvoy pryyattsey.
AND, anybody drops without asking,
How drunk friend, you climb to kiss.

My dear Jim, among your guests
So many good and was nevsyakih.
but th, that all silent and sad,
This accident did not come suddenly?

She will come, Dau you message.
And without me, her staring eyes,
You for me lick her hand gently
For all, what it was and was not to blame.


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Sergey Yesenin
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