Snow hush crushed and pricked…

Snow hush crushed and pricked,
On top of a frozen moon shines.
Again I see his native outskirts,
After a snowstorm light window.

We all bezdomniki, how many do we need.
the, that was given to me, I sing about.
Here I am again for dinner parent,
Again I see my old lady.

looks, and watery eyes, watery,
Quiet, bezmolvno, as though without pain.
He wants to take up a teacup -
Teacup slips out of the hands.

Pretty, good, old, gentle,
With sad thoughts you will not be friends,
Listen - under this harmonic snow
I'll tell you about his life.

I saw a lot of, I traveled a lot and,
Lots of love and I suffered a lot,
And because hooligans and drunk,
What's better than you no one saw.

Here again I have couches greyus,
He kicked off his shoes, his jacket section.
Again and again I revived hope
As well, as in childhood, for the best inheritance.

And outside a blizzard sobs,
In a wild and noisy blizzard daze,
It seems to me - are showered linden,
White basswood in our garden.

20 September 1925

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Sergey Yesenin
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