blue mist. Snegovoe razdolьe…

blue mist. Snegovoe razdolьe,
Thin lemon moonlight.
Nice heart with a gentle pain
Something to remember from an early age.

Snow on the porch as the sand quicksand.
Here at the same moon without words,
Hat of a cat on his forehead jammed,
I secretly left his father's wood.

I went back to the edge of my dear.
Who remembers me? who forgot?
I'm sad, as a wanderer driven, –
Old master of his hut.

Silently I crumple a new hat,
I do not like sable.
I remembered my grandfather, I remembered the grandmother,
I remembered the cemetery loose snow.

everything calmed down, everything will be there,
Both in this life Raday not Raday, –
That's why so I am drawn to people,
That's why people love so much.

That's why I almost almost cried
AND, smiling, heart goes out, –
This cottage on the porch with the dog
As if I see the last time.

24 September 1925

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Sergey Yesenin
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