Zovushtie dawn (collective)

The script in 4 parts

Mikhail Gerasimov
Sergey Yesenin
Sergei Klychkov
Hope P.


Sergey Nazarov. Working, former emigrant to Revolution 1905 g. Ïntellïg <UNT>, a gifted speaker with the face and figure of a bird rushing. With the pronounced will of the eyes and the folds of the lips. tall. The movements generally calm, but soon changed to the podium, from where quiet is transformed into a vortex bird. 33 years old.

Peter Molotov. An ordinary skilled worker. Middle-height. lean. swift. Since the same constant liveliness in nature and movements. Bold and enthusiastic. 28 years old.

Mitry Sahovoy. Working, recently from the village. thickset, angular movements. Externally, like drowsy and lethargic, in fact, very observant and receptive. Good-natured and innocent. 40 years old.

Vladimir Rybintsev. Intelligent. Blond, with a clear, open-faced (a bit tired), character postoyannogo requests. This is expressed even in the movements. A former officer of the imperial military service time. 28 years old.

Natasha Molotov (Peter's wife Molotov). A worker weaving factory. pretty, but painful. nervous, impressionable and expansive, educate ourselves. 27 years old.

Vera Rybintseva (woman Rыbintseva). interesting, bourgeois upbringing, pampered, coquettish, but do not let the woman. 25 years old.

Martha Molotov (Peter's mother Molotov). fifty-year-old woman. With typical Russian village woman face.

working, citizens, soldiers, Junker, Red Army and the White Guards. Pupils Proletkult studio.

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