We white water


The summer was quiet and vedryanoe, the sky was white instead of blue, and lake, who was staring at the sky, It seemed too white; only near the shore in water rocked the shadow of the willow hut yes Korney Budarki. Sometimes the wind would raise the sand the whole cloud of dust, enveloped it water and cottage Korney, and then, when subsided, from sand, vilification, protruding rocks on the eroded site; but they are not the shadow was.

Roots Budarka caught on the descent of the river fish, and his wife Pelageya was sitting on the porch every day and looked in the <aside, Where,> silhouetted, sticking to the stones weathered IU <ste, something> on milk sky.

Lonely willow under the window dropped her feathers, the water is still quieter hugs the shore, and the heat from the water, not because, she has the most in the whole body as it shimmered milk, Pelageya thought about her husband, thought, how well they spent their time, when both, huddled together, We slept in the hayloft, what his blue eyes, and generally all, that stirred her blood.

Fishermen swam down the river from St. Peter's day until the winter cold. Pelageya was counting the days, when Korney had to return, praying St.. Magdalinu, to quickly insisted that it was cold, and I felt, blood in it every day starts to boil more and more. Lips become red, as the viburnum, breast filled with, and when she, gently caressing herself, I spent on them hand, she felt, that her head is spinning, his feet shaking, cheeks and burn.

Pelageya loved Korney. I loved him healthy breast, arms, which he bent the arc, and especially she liked his lips.

Looking over the past, Pelageya since it merged with Korney mentally, even felt his hot breath, warm moisture of the lips, and her body began to ache even more, and that, that it was possible, it seemed to her a crime. she remembered, she swore Korney, that although the time oborvesh, already without a host not natyanesh, And still, hiding it inside, He tossed from side to side, as the associated, and I tried to find a way out.

His head down on his knees, she looked, like the high mountain sinking sun. Svecherelo quite, and white water slid on a sandy island, porosshyy melting, fragile small boat. A guy sitting in a boat, I got out and, curving, I began to crawl across the sand.

In Pelageya awakened strange decision for her… She testified otvâzala from front, Her hands trembled, his legs gave way, but still she went on the island. Vzmahnuv veslami, she almost three hits and went around the island, standing on the bow, I noticed, that the sand man collects Rakusha. She looked at him and just, like the first time, I am trembling all.

When the man turned around and, looking at her with cold eyes fish, spitefully prishturilsya, Pelageya all froze, tightened, her passion, it seemed to her, It fell to the bottom of the boat. "Accursed confuses me!"- she whispered. AND, sign of the cross, boat turned back and, not skidavaya dresses herself, I rushed into the water near the shore.

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