Bobyl and Pal

(Story, devoted sister Katusha)

He lived on the edge of the village of old Bobyl. Bobylev was at its hut and dog. He walked around the world, sbiralsya pieces of bread, and fed. Bobyl never parted with his dog, It was her affectionate nickname Pal. Go through the village Bobyl, He knocks on the windows, My friend and stands next, tail wagging. As if waiting for a handout. Tell landless people: "You would have thrown, bach, his dog, because there is nothing to feed…"Take a look Bobyl his sad eyes, take a look - do not say anything. Clicks her boyfriend, move away from the window and take a crust of bread.

Gloomy was Bobyl, rarely talk to anyone.

come winter, angry storm blows, zametet pozemka, inflate large snowdrifts.

Bobyl walks through the snowdrifts, It rests on a stick, his way from court to court, My friend and then runs alongside. Pressed it to the landless, He looks lovingly into his face, and as if to utter: "No we are with you do not need, nobody can prigreet, one we are with you ". Take a look at the dog Bobyl, take a look, and her thoughts seemed to unravel; and quietly say,:

- You of all people, boyfriend, me, the old man, not leave.

Bobyl walks with a dog, dopletetsya to his hut, Staraya house, netoplena. Look he zapechke, look, Fumbling in the corners, a firewood - no pollen. Glyanet Bobyl on Pal, and he should, waiting for, that will tell the owner.

Bobyl say with a gentle caress:

- I harnessed, boyfriend, you in the sled, we'll go with you to the forest, we shall find there branches and sticks, will bring, house flood, We will bask you have couches.

Zapryazhet Bobyl Pal in slide, bring twigs and sticks, zatopit lezhanku, embrace Pal, caress. Conceived in Bobyl couches, begin to remember past life. Druzhok tell the old man about his life, She tells of her sad tale, doskazhet and pain rumor:

- Do you, boyfriend, do not answer, do not say a word, but your eyes are gray, clever… I know, I know… you understand everything…

Tired of crying a blizzard. Less often become snowstorm, rang drops from the roof. snow melts, decrease.

Sees Bobyl - winter is coming, He sees - and cronies talks:

- we are alive, boyfriend, with spring.

Began to play red sun, Streams ran-bells. Bobyl looks out of the window, under the window so the land zachernela.

Swollen buds on the trees, and the smell of spring. Only years Bobylev deceived, Only slush spring captures or conveys an old man.

Began his legs podkashivatsya, cough, chest crushed, lower back pain, ache, and really quite dimmed eyes.

melted snow. dry land. Under the window willow dissolve. Only rarely the old man came out of the hut. It lies in the loft, I can not get down.

Slezet Bobyl through force, - slezet, coughing spasms, grow sad, the friend says:

- Early, boyfriend, we are with you then make come true. Rather,, it is seen, my death, only to die - to leave you feel like.

ill Bobyl, does not rise, does not peel off, and the Friend of the shelf does not depart, It feels old - death suits, - feels, boyfriend hugging, - hugs, he weeps bitterly:

- Who I, boyfriend, you leave. People, we are all strangers. We lived with you… always lived, but death separates us. goodbye, boyfriend, my dear, hear, that my death is near, Breathing in the chest cools. goodbye… going to mogilu, remember his old friend!.. - Hugged Bobyl best man's neck, firmly pressed it to his heart, He jumped - and flew the soul.

Dead Bobyl lies in the loft. realized Pal, that its owner has died. Pal goes from corner to corner, - walks, longs. suitable Pal, Dead Man's sniff, - sniff, plaintive howl.

People began to talk amongst themselves: why it does not go Bobyl. conspired, came - saw, saw - back recoiled. Dead Bobyl lies in the loft, in the house the smell of the grave - stinking. Dog sitting in the loft, sitting - he becomes sad.

People took the dead man, cleaned, washed, - put in a coffin, and the dog from the dead does not depart. Suffered dead in church, Pal is near. Chase the dog away from the church, chase - the temple is not allowed. breaks Pal, Mosque on the church porch, howling, grief and hunger on the legs unsteady.

Brought dead to the cemetery, brought - buried in the ground. Died nobody wanted Bobyl, and none of it did not cry.

Pal howls over the grave, howls, - paws the ground digs. My friend wants to dig up his old friend, dig - and lie down next to him. It does not leave the dog with grave, does not eat, longs. Pal weak force, He does not get it and can not get up. My friend looks at the grave, looks, plaintive moans. My friend wants to dig, Only his legs does not raise. My heart sank Pal… shiver ran through his back, My friend dropped her head, lowered, quietly shuddered… My friend died on the grave…

Whispered at the tomb of flowers, they whispered wonderful fairy tale about friendship birds. I arrive at the tomb of the cuckoo, sadylas ÎÍÀ on birch plakuchuyu. sat cuckoo, sad, plaintive cuckoo over the grave.


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