Farewell to Mariengof

There is a friendship unbridled happiness
And cramps violent feelings -
Fire melts the body,
As stearic candle.

My beloved! Give me your hands -
I was not used for any other, –
I want to wash them in the hour of parting
I'm head of yellow foam.

Brother, Tolia, Tolia, You're Lee, You're Lee,
At that moment,, for the umpteenth time -
Again, like milk, frozen
Followed unmoving eyes.

goodbye, goodbye. The lunar fires
Rain or happy day?
Among the famous and young
You were all the better for me.

In this period the, in this the year
We will meet, may be, again ...
I'm scared, - after the soul passes,
As a youth and as love.

Another drown me in you.
Is it because - in the way the speeches -
My weeping ears,
As the oars, splash on the shoulder?

goodbye, goodbye. The lunar fires
Not ripen me happy day,
But all among the young and trembling
You were all the better for me.


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Sergey Yesenin
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