fit Concha.
Sadness in the doghouse.
object life, the first dream.
Yesterday I read in "Capital",
That poets -
his law.

Now snowstorm
Though the devil howl,
Knock drowned naked,
I otrezvevshey head
Comrade bright and cheerful.

Rotten we have nothing to be sorry,
And I do not need to be sorry,
Kohl could die meekly
I'm in this blizzard Zavirukha.

Tin Tin, tit!
good day!
Do not be afraid!
I will not hurt you.
And if you want,
on the fence
Sit down on bird law.

Rotation of the law in the world is,
He - Relationship
among the living.
Since you people united booths,
Have right
To lay down and sit.

Hello to you,
My poor maple!
forgive, I offended you.
Your clothes torn in the form of,
but you will
new endowed.

You without a warrant in April
Let the green cap,
The tender armful
You embrace povitel.

And she will come to you,
Doused with water from the well,
To the harsh October
You could fight with blizzards.

And at night
vyplyvet moon.
It is not gobbled up a dog:
It was just not visible
Due to human
bloody brawl.

But the fight is over ...
And so -
It is their lemon light
trees, dressed up in green,
Sian zvučnoe

So drink the, my breasts,
new worry
I now, going to sleep,
not porugayusy
With cocks.

Land, land!
You're not metal.
metal because
Do not let kidney.
enough to get
on the line
And suddenly -
The concept of "Capital".

December 1924

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