Verse “stations” Yesenin

Dedicated P. Cagin

I'm talking about his talent
I know much.
Lyrics - not very difficult cases.
But most of all
Love for their land
I was tormented,
Tortured and GLA.

poem pisnut,
Perhaps, everyone can
About a girl, about stars, about the moon ...
But I'm a different feeling
Eating heart,
other thoughts
Skull crushed me.

I want to be a singer
and citizen,
that each,
As an example of pride and,
It was a real,
But not half-son
The great states of the USSR.

I ran away from Moscow for a long time:
With the police, I get along
No skill,
For just my beer scandal
They kept me
In tigulevke.

Thank you for your friendship citizens so,
But it is very tough
Sleep there on the bench
And a drunken voice
Read what that verse
About cell fate
unfortunate canary.

I'm not a canary!
I am a poet!
And not like how there Demyan.
Albeit sometimes I'm drunk,
But in my eyes
Insights marvelous light.

I see everything.
And clearly understand,
That a new era -
Not a pound of raisins us,
What is the name of Lenin
rustles, as it winds along the edge,
Giving thoughts turn,
As the mill wings.

Werth, cute!
For you promised to proc.
I'll nephew,
You do me uncle.
Come on, Sergei,
For Marx quiet syadem,
sniffed wisdom
boring strings.

days, as streams, fleeing
In the misty river.
glimpses of the city,
The letters on the paper.
I was recently in Moscow,
And now here in Baku.
In verse crafts
We are committed Chagin.

"Look,- He says,–
Do churches no better
These towers
Black oil fountains.
We have had enough of mystical fog.
Sing, poet,
What stronger and get on the ball ".

Oil on the water,
As a blanket Persian,
And in the evening the sky
Scattered stellar cul.
But I swear
pure heart,
What lights
Beautiful stars in Baku.

I am full of thoughts about industriynoy power,
I hear the voice of a human forces.
We have had enough
All heavenly luminaries,
We were on the ground
Arrange it easier.

AND, oneself
Neck stroking,
I say:
"Now is our life,
Come on, Sergei,
For Marx quiet syadem,
to unravel
Wisdom boring strings ".


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