Tale of pastushonke Pete, komissarstve his kingdom and cows

Pete Pastušonku
It's hard to live in the world:
thin a stick
manage cattle.

If a cow
I understand the words,
I would have lived Pete
There is no better in the world.

But cows in downhill
On the grass in the forest
Speak Russian -
The meaning of any belmesa.

They would only mumble
Yes, the grass swayed.
It's hard to live in the world
Pete Pastušonku.


Good spring
Thinking under the pines,
Smiling in slumber,
About one's own home.

May all the prettier,
We ate all igolchey;
On the cow's neck
crying bell.

Crying and laughing
Flowers and herbs,
voice is heard
Bells among the oaks.

Pete pastušonku
Voice is not new,
He finds aside,
Where ring cow.

Gather all in a heap,
Village otgonit,
Do not get vzbuchu -
Honor not let down.

Ljubo a switch
manage cattle.
Night at perelesits
Sleep and spit on mesyats.


Well, and if the summer -
The song is sung badly.
Too many things -
In the field of ripe rye.

Brother, I do not with whether
days prettier,
All ears in the field,
As the swan neck.

But the trouble in the world
Every hour is ready,
Zazevalsya Petya -
The rye will go cow.

A man takes a look how,
paws planted
But how will pull in the back
Just whip.

Heavily hvorostynoy
manage cattle.


Here comes autumn
From nude chain maples,
that noise, as the eight
merry imps.

The wet sheet with aspen
And road ivok
And whips in the back,
In the back and in the back of the neck.

Elka you, Do kustok,
Just down to the skin
boots wet,
duds, too.

There is no one to open,
All as is Lost.
Vspugannaya bird
Flies off into the thicket.

And shaking polsutki
the soul, the body.
Share to duck -
duck flew away.

Share Dubrovo -
The oaks of litter.
Share cows -
They would just devour.

No, no man alive
On the descent obmokshem
Pastushonka Petya
I do not understand in Russian.

It is difficult to a switch
manage cattle.


Peter thinks eagerly:
What a difference in the world
He lived Commissioner
At his apartment.

I knew it all deadlines,
Would all the eloquent,
collecting dues
Yes the road cleaning.

And viscous mud,
Shaking for autumn
I traveled in each raze
The parish wheelchair.

And Pete had a
Nightmare in the world.


Everything is available in the world.
Commissioner Peter
At his apartment
With a thick samovar.

Tea drinks on the terrace,
Rides in the carriage,
There is no better in the world
life, What in the fifth.

But I always wonder
serve as a Commissioner.
You need to know all the terms,
So, gather the dues.

Tea, of course, sweet,
A jam twice,
But observe the order
Can, but not everyone.

It is necessary to know the laws,
Well, and where already Pete?
He has icons
Holds in the district soviet.

And around the board
In the rain and bad weather
Since the dawn
Uymyscha people.

Our people are in fact naked,
Every day, it is required to.
That they build a school,
Then let them bread.

Who they namorochil?
Who they nakudahtal?
Why it is very
Became they need a tractor.

Well, and where already Pete?
He did pass the cattle,
I understand the world
Only wattle.

And the people a harsh,
The rumble of the game
Worse, than cows,
Worse and stubborn.

With that kind goods
Stuff to be commissioner.

Taken once Petrusha
For life, for the soul,
Thrown into the carriage
To how whether tasku ...
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Then I woke Peter ...


Sweet to be alive!

Got up, a day that we should,
Solar, clinking,
blew thicket.

Petya with meek words
says cows:
"I do not want the gift and
I have to be the Commissioner '.

And over it the birch,
branch wiping,
He says through tears,
quietly smiling:

"It's hard to light
Be an example for all.
Whether you are better, Petya,
Previously pioneer ".


Kids in frighten,
The wet autumn day,
I wrote the fairy tale
I - Sergei Yesenin.

7/8 October 1925

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