Pryadite, days, its former yarn,
Not a living soul to rebuild vvek.
Never with me I do not polazhu,
himself, favorite,
Do not remember me I'm the man.

I want to read, and the book falls,
Dolit zevota,
So sleepy ...
And outside
Plangent wind weeps,
As if sensing
The proximity of the funeral.

mangy maple
Its tip black
Gnusavit Hrip
In the sky of the past.
What is it maple?
He's just shameful post -
It would hang
Or pay for scrap.

And the first
I need to hang,
Crossed my hands behind my back,
for this, that song
Raucous and feverish
I interfered with sleep
native country.

I do not like
cock chants
And I say,
That if would have been in force,
That would be all cocks
I gradually vыdral,
That they
Nochmy not mourned.

But I forgot,
I myself cock
Oral vengeance
Before dawn edge,
Paternal violating covenants,
Worried heart
And verse.

squeals snowstorm,
As if the wild boar,
Which gathered to slaughter.
ice fog,
not tell,
where the distance,
Where bliz ...

moon, probably,
Dogs ate -
her long
The sky will not see.
Pulling a thread of tow,
With spindle
He is carrying on a conversation the mother.

deaf cat
He listens to the talk,
With benches svesiv
an important chapter.
No wonder they say
fearful neighbors,
What it looks like
A black owl.

eyes wax dim,
And as I squinted their,
I see vyave
From fabulous pores:
Cat paw me
It shows the absolute value,
And her mother - as a witch
From Kiev mountains.

I do not know, I'm sick
Or sick,
But the mere thought
wander at random.
In the ears of the grave
Knocking shovels
With a sob of distant

themselves dead
In a coffin I see.
under alliluynye
wail sexton
I forever dead themselves
I get down below,
Put them
Two copper Piglet.

On the money,
With the dead eye,
Gravedigger becomes warmer,–
burying me,
He's the same hour
Himself Sivukha ostakanit.

And say out loud:
«Vote crank!
He lives in
Many went wild ...
But could not overcome in any way
five pages
Of "Capital", ".

December 1924

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